Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working-Fix With Simple Steps

Internet Explorer is the default inter web browser which is pre-installed on Microsoft Windows. If you are using this you You may face problem when it says Internet Explorer has stopped working. There is not a specific reason about this problem. So you need to identify all the possible ways to know the reason why this problem is occurring. I wrote a post on windows explorer not working  solution. You can easily follow those steps and now I am writing about this solution for Internet Explorer users.

Solution For Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

There are only a few users who use Internet Explorer. These users use this when they have not installed any other web browser or when they don’t know about any other best internet web browser. There may be another reason that they are using this for some testing purpose or they are not allowed to access any other installed web browser computer.

Reasons are different but if you still are not using and clicked on Internet Explorer icon accidentally then you still may face this problem.

To solve this problem follows below defines the steps and check why this error Internet Explorer has Stopped working coming and how you can solve this problem in easy steps.

Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Reasons And Solution

As you know to solve a problem you must know about what is causing that problem and how you can solve this. I have listed possible reasons which can cause this problem and to solve this I also have provided a solution. Follow all the steps and see why you are facing this problem in your computer.

1. Unwanted Toolbars and Add-ons

The first reasons should be that you have installed too many toolbars and add-ons on your Internet Explorer which may cause this problem. These toolbars and add-ons can consume a lot of CPU memory and can put so much load on browser that they can crash it and then it says Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working.

When you are using Internet Explorer as your default browser then there are many possibilities that you have installed some unwanted toolbars and add-ons which are not necessary and useful.

You may not know that some add-ons and toolbars consume Bandwidth and can display hell a lot adds which slow down Internet Speed and puts load on it. The reason can be that you have installed outdated toolbars and add-ons which are compatible with current browser settings.

To solve this you need to disable on toolbars and add-ons one by one and test which one is causing problem. I know this is a time consuming process but you have to do. You can also uninstall toolbars which are not in need.

For add-ons you can try to update outdated add-ons and remove the unwanted. Also try to use only useful which are needed. After making changes You should Restart your computer or browser.

2. Disabling Protected Mode

This option works only in Windows Vista and in Windows 7 which can be the reason which display Internet Explorer has stopped working error message. When this mode is active you can’t it blocks some stuff and then it can block the access to the internet and then it display the error message.

To disable Protected Mode Open internet explorer and open Internet options, now go to the security tab and then Untick the option saying Enable Protected Mode. After disabling Restart your browser and it will be OK. This will disable Protected Mode and allow access to all the data.

If you can’t open Internet Explorer directly then you can access internet options from the Control Panel.

3. Scanning for Malicious File and Virus

Sometimes the reason can be a virus or a file contain malware which cause the error message and stops internet explorer from working. This happens mostly when you have only one browser installed on your computer and the virus needs to transfer some data or virus needs to download some malicious files. This way it can harm your computer data.

This happens because it wants you to stop from accessing internet. For this you have to scan your computer with a powerful antivirus software and you also install Firewall on your computer if you don’t have.

A windows default firewall is that the much more powerful. You can read about a collection of the best antivirus for Windows 7  and if you are using Windows 8 then you can read about a unique list of best antivirus for windows 8.

4. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes hardware acceleration can be reason of this Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working error message. This happens due to some flash stuff and unmatched system files which are not matched with Video Driver.

For this you need to disable hardware acceleration in internet explorer. For this open Internet Explorer and click on tools and then Internet Options. Now go to Advanced Tab and under Accelerated Graphics Tick  “Use Software Rendering instead Of GPU Rendering”. This will disable the Hardware acceleration and you can help you to solve the problem.

5. Resetting Internet Explorer Security Settings

Some antivirus softwares reset the security settings of browsers to protect computer from sites containing malicious data. But sometimes this can give you Internet Explorer has stopped working error by changing security settings.

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You have to reset security settings to solve this issue for this Go to Internet Options by opening Internet Explorer or directly via Control panel. In internet explorer click on tools then Internet Options.

  • Select Security Tab and click on “Reset All Zones To Default Level” and click on Apply.
  • Select Privacy tab and then click on “Reset” and apply the settings.
  • Select the last advance option and scroll down to “Browsing”. Now Tick on “Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)” and Tick on “Disable Script Debugging (Other)”. Now untick “Display a Notification About Every Script Error” and Untick “Enable Automatic Crash Recovery”. Apply Settings and restart Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Reset Security Options

Doing this will reset all the security settings in Internet Explorer and change those to default. This will help you to solve the Internet Explorer has stopped working error message and you can enjoy browsing.

6. Resetting Internet Explorer

Sometimes a user makes changes in browser settings which can change the working process of the browser. By doing unknown changes someone can easily corrupt the file settings which needed to be default. For this you need to reset all the settings in your Internet Explorer browser which may cause the error of Internet Explorer has stopped working.

For this open Internet Options from control panel then go to the advanced tab and click on the Reset button. This will reset all the settings in Internet Explorer and you will see all the default settings.

You can use this option if none of the above option worked for you. This way you need re-configure all the Add-on settings and other settings which you made before resetting internet Explorer. I am sure this will solve the Internet Explorer has stopped working error message.

These are the steps which can cause the error message and stops internet explorer from working properly. I am sure that this has solved your problem and you can access Internet Explorer without any error message or problem.

This problem is solved now but you still need to care about your computer and carefully install softwares and I suggest you to use best antivirus software and a good Firewall software for your computer which will block the harmful stuff.

These are the common problems but you still need to care about this because these can create some big problem and you may lose your computer data.

Now tell which step works for you to solve the Internet Explorer has stopped working and what you will do to protect it from this type of error message.

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