Increase Speed of Android Phone In Easy Steps

We all use Android Phones in our daily routine. For this we have a lot of apps installed on our phone for the distinct purpose and sometimes we have to use many apps at the same time like opening Media Players, opening a browser and sending files etc. By opening a lot apps and files all the memory and CPU resources of phone are not free to use. Due to this reasons the speed of android phones slow down and you will not be able to use any other app perfectly. For this you can Clear Memory Of Android or just clear the RAM which will help you free up space on your Android phone.
Increase Speed Of Android Booster
Sometimes we have installed apps which contain any harmful data, malicious files and virus. Which slows down the phone by occupying many resources. In this case you can use the Best Antivirus For Android which will remove all the virus and malicous files contain virus. But  to get rid out of this problem I am sharing an Android app that will speed up your Android phone at extreme levels and you will never not hate your phone for not opening any app quickly.
Notice: This post is updated with latest app similar to old one. The app I have shared with you before has been removed from Google Play Store and not accessible. I have done some searches about this found that it is available on the Official Site but to download this you have to pay some money. So as the alternative to that I have shared this best app which will help you to increase speed of android phone using different functions in your phone.
Android Booster is cool app for your Android phone that will keep your phone at full speed by using some useful functions. After using this app you will feel a boost in the speed your phone.

About Android Booster

Android Booster app comes from the lab of NQ Mobile Security, where developers are making apps for Android users. There are many other apps on Google Play Store from the developers of NQ Mobile Security. In this app they have included all basic and powerful tools that will increase speed of android phone at extreme levels with easy to use interface. You will see changes in just after using this in your Android phone’s speed.

Features of Android Booster

This app has following features.

  • It will help you Manage Battery usage on your phone so that you can easily use your phone for longer time. It helps you to disable useless apps which consumes more memory.
  • To improve the speed of your android phone it does not drain your phone s battery and optimizing your pones app by closing these types of apps in background with Auto Optimization.
  • It gives you option to Manage Network Settings so that you can easily find out which apps are using internet on your phone. With this you can disable apps which are not useful and save Network Data and optimize Phones Performance.
  • You can manage Files and Apps with this and Scan these files and Apps for viruses.

Setting in Extreme Speed

Below are the setting that you can use to speed up your android phone.

Phone Optimization

In this mode you can close all apps that are not in use, which consumes the battery power of your phone and slowing down your Smartphone by using CPU and Memory resources. By using  you can remove these useless apps and increase speed of the Android phone Manually and Automatically. In automatic Mose this will stop the apps in the background when your phone is locked.

Battery Manager

With  Battery you can manage battery usage of your phone which increase the Battery usage so that you can easily use your phone for longer time. This option helps you to remove all useless apps and stop all apps which are using more Battery for no reason. This way you will freeing up other resources like CPU usage and Memory Usage. It also helps you in Automatic Mode.

App Manager

You can also free up more memory on your phone by removing apps from your phone which are not useful to you and which are using your phones memory and battery for no reason. You can also see the Access Right and Size for those apps.

File Manager

With this feature you can manage files on your phones’s SD card easily. You can delete, Move and Rename files and Folders on your Android Phones SD Card.

Android Booster Increase Speed Of Android Easily

Android Bosster to Increase Speed

Running Apps to Increase Speed

Download Android Booster From Google Play HERE

These are the best features that are needed to increase speed of android phone. You will see changes in your phone performance by using this app. Some changes that you will make using this Phone Optimization will also helpful to increase the speed and performance your phone by reducing clutter from Memory. Because there are many apps which are using Memory and Battery of your Phone for no reason. Some apps are also using the Internet so using this app you can control everything on your phone and increase the speed.

This is the app which gives you all the best features as like the previous app. I know this will help you a lot so tell me in comments after using this app and tell me if you know any other app which helps you to improve performance of your Android Phone.


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