Best Sites Which Helps You To Find Almost Everything On Web

The internet is full of knowledge and information. We all are using this information in our daily routine, business, office, school, workplace etc. This information is gathered from different sites and blogs. But some of the internet users think that this information comes only from one place that is search Engine. Whether it is Google or Yahoo or any other search engine. You will be agree that this is the concept of people who are using internet in their daily routine but they are only limited to get their knowledge and after getting information they go to their work. I am not saying that they have to be updated with every bit of this internet thing. I am saying that they have to be updated with common things like Search engine is not the only thing which is giving you all the information.

Find everything on internet

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The search engine is like a website where you can search for the things which are added to this. Except search engine there are many other useful sites which helps you to find almost everything and right information on the web. You can use that information anywhere in your workplace, school or in your office. You can go to those sites rather than searching on the internet. This way you will save your time and you will not get distracted from other sources offering the same information.

Best Sites To Find Almost Everything On The Web

I have listed some of the best sites to find the right thing on internet at the right website. The list is not prioritized according to any number or anything else, so can try all the sites according to the information you are looking at. There are many other sites but I have found these the best sites.

1. Google

Google is the search engine which helps you to find pages having the keyword in their content which you are looking at. This will help you to find the correct information according to your searched keyword. This will give you a list of results according to the most accurate. If you are not well known to the topic and category of that topic then you can use this and find the related content according to your topic.

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2. Wikipedia

This is another great source of information. This is the best online encyclopedia website which was founded in 2001. You can get detailed information of most popular topic and there are many contributors worldwide who are adding new content to this online encyclopedia. You can believe in the information you are getting from this website. Because the contributors are adding and updating the information on a daily basis. But sometimes you may not find the information you are looking for. So for this you can try the Search Engine to look for the pages having the correct information.

3. Flicker

This is websites having a lot of images and uses are adding images on a daily basis. If you are looking for a perfect image then you can use this website. Where you will find pictures snapped by users from their daily life. Photographers are also adding pictures by clicking from their cameras in this website. I have also listed some Best Image Search Engines You can take a look and read this list if you search images on a daily basis.

4. Similar Sites

Are you looking for a website similar to your one? If yes then this is fullstop for this. This website will give you the right information about the sites you are looking for. This will display the result basis of the similar content so that you can collect a list of sites similar to the topic you are looking for. This way you don’t need to search for the sites having similar content using search engines. Sometimes you get wrong results in search engines because it gives you results basis on pages not according to the websites.

5. Topsy

Looking for a keyword in Social Sites? Then this is a place where you will get the right information about the keyword you want to see in social sites. This website will give you look at the social sites where you keyword is being mentioned. This will give you the option to search the keyword in Google Plus, Twitter and on other sites. You can also sort the results according to your needs.


Looking for the detail information about a movie? Then this is the place where you will get all the information about movies you want to get. This is the website where users upload the list of their favorite movies. You can use this website to find the information about any movie. You can also use this to find the information about a similar list of movies, list of movies of an actor or an actress.

7. Whois

This is the website where you will find the information about the owner of a particular website. This way you can trace the address of the site owner if the site is harmful to you. This is not the way to this but you can use this to find who is the owner of that site and other details about the particular website. You can also use this to find the information about an IP address. This will only give you the information of the website if the owner has not protected his information from the public.

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8. Quora

Do have any questions and want the answer on the internet. Then you can use this website. Now a days this is the site where most of the users are asking questions and getting perfect answers to their questions. This site is very popular now a days and you can also categorize your question according to the topic so that you can get the perfect answer.

9. Wunderground

Want to get the weather information about a particular place? Then go to this site. This will give you the prefect and detailed information about the weather of a place you want to know. You can also search for a particular place.

10. SourceForge and CnetDownloads

If you are looking for a free and open source software then you don’t need to go to any other website because you will get the list of  all open source and free software on this website. You can search for the particular software according to its category and then download it from this site.

CNET Downloads is the site to download freeware and commercial softwares according to their category and popularity. You can also download the trial versions of paid software and check the reviews in the comments.


Looking for a special video then why don’t you use YouTube? Most of the internet users use Search engine to search for a particular video but they are not aware that search engines display results according to their own algorithms so next time you can directly go to YouTube and then search for the particular video.

12. Google News

This site will give you link of news published on different sites. You can go to and then check that particular site. You can also search for the particular news in the search bar and sort the data according to your requirements.

13. Google Maps

You can use this site to get the map of a particular place. You can also use the different views according to the place. The best thing about this tool is that the data is updated according to the place and street view give you the option to look for the place.

Last Words

I am sure that nothing is better than search engine to find everything on the internet but these sites can help you find a specific thing. These are the best sites which helps you to find almost everything on the internet. I have listed the best one and useable site only so can also try other sites according to your needs. This list is for you to save you time from searching on the internet for a particular topic. Now you can go to the particular website and then search for the topic you are looking at.

Do you have any other particular website which can be used to find the information on a particular topic? If yes then share it in the comments and I will you update the list with that site?

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