Best Antivirus For Android-List Of Free And Paid

Security and Android OS are two opposite sides. Didn’t understood then let me explain you. Android is an operating system which can be harmful to you without any best antivirus for android. Because any developer can develop and publish apps on Google Play Store and users can install those apps without knowing about them.

Best Antivirus For Android List

Developers at Google Play Store tries their best to keep store safe from those types of developers so that users can only download useful and safe apps. The main problems with android phone is that you really don’t know which app is useful for you and you can use that without any worry.

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All apps ask for some permissions to access your phone data and interact with your phone data and other files. If you are not a that much techie person or you don’t know which permissions are good and which are bad according to the usage of that app then I am sure you are in a problem and your data is at risk.

Why To Use Antivirus For Android

Sometimes you just install any apps like a funny or something which interests you and that app asks for permissions to access your internet plan and phone calls or log files. You don’t see those permissions and just install and start using that app. Now tell would you like when someone access or use your phones data and files without your permission or do you like to let apps use your internet plan and you don’t know about that.

I am sure you will not but it happens often. To solve this problem and protect your data and files you should install one of the best antivirus for android which can keep a log of those apps and protects your data from unauthorized access.

But the problem is not solved with Antivirus software. It doesn’t mean that you can install any good looking and free antivirus. You should install only the best one which works and protects your phone.

Why I am saying this is because antivirus apps consume the memory of your phone which can slow down its speed. You can read my post to increase speed of android phone which really works.

List Of Best Antivirus For Android

I have explained well that why you should install and use antivirus for android and now the main question is about best antivirus for android. You may be looking for Free or Paid Android antivirus app but I have shared both lists. The main thing about this list is that you will read only about best ones which really works and protects your phone.

Read the list and then decide which one you will use Paid or Free.

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security And Antivirus (Paid With Trial)

You may have used it on your computer because I have also listed in the list of the best antivirus for Windows 7 and Best Windows 8 Antirus list. This antivirus app for android is very useful and effective one which really protects your phone from all types of viruses and malicious files.

Bitdefender Antivirus For Android

This app has many features like Malware Scanner, Privacy Advisor, Anti-Theft and Web Security which works with Google Chrome because it is the default browser in Android. These all features makes it most useful and best antivirus for android which has scored 6/6 in antivirus test lab.

You can check about apps using your private data with privacy advisor and one of the best feature you can protect your phone from thieves. If you have installed this antivirus app on your phone and enabled every thing it required then I am sure it will not be easy to steal.

This app comes with a 14 day trial means you can use all the feature for 14 without any cost and then if you liked then you can buy it otherwise you can try antivirus app for your android.

2. Kaspersky Mobile Security(Free and Paid)

If you are looking for one of the best and useful antivirus app for android then this can also be your choice. Kaspersky antivirus is also available for PC and it is also doing well for android OS. It also scored 6/6 in antivirus test. It protects your android OS from all types of virus and privacy leakage.

Kaspersky Mobile Security For Android

There are two versions of this app Free and Paid you can install any of these according to your needs and it’s features. The above link is for free and for paid click here. Both versions works very great as antivirus software you can install free if you think you need only antivirus protection and you can install paid version for extra features and protection.

In the paid version you will get Call Blocker, Message Filter, Safe Browsing and Anti Theft which are good features to add extra security. It will also support Privacy Protection and has cloud protection.

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In the Free version You will get Lite-Antivirus which will inform you about harmful apps before that effect you, Anti-theft for Wiping Data and SMS-Call filter and blocker.

With these features it is one of the best antivirus for android which gives you many options. You can install a free version if you think you don’t need more features.

3. Avast Mobile Security And Antivirus (Free and Premium)

Yes it is totally free nothing like trial version or less features. This is also one of the best antivirus software for PC used by many PC users and now it enters into Android Play Store and yes really rocks. It has many features which are included in Paid versions also but with this antivirus for android you can get all those for free.

Avast Mobile Security App For Android

The main thing about this antivirus app is that it has 5.50/6 scores in antivirus test. Which is not so bad but you can still use and protect your android OS fro most of the viruses.

I really like the features it has which are Anti-Theft to locate, wipe data, lock the phone. Protection from virus, malware and spyware. Privacy report, SMS-Call Filter and blocker, Firewall and Web Shield with App locking and Backup feature. These are really very good features comes with a free antivirus app for android.

It also has a premium option which can be activated to get extra features but I don’t think you really need those. Check all the features and then decide if you need premium features or not.

4.  McAfee Antivirus & Security(Premium With Trial and Free)

McAfee antivirus for android is also one of the best antivirus software which gives you many extra features to ensure that your android phone/tablet is safe and your data is safe from external access. This antivirus app for android offer all the similar feature which are free to use for 14 days.

McAfee Antivirus & Security For Android

In the premium version trial you will get app lock, app protection, anti-theft, backup restore, call-SMS blocker/filter which will protect you from all types of harmful apps and apps.

After the 14 day trial you can access only free features. Use this only if you can pay because there are no so many features left in free version.

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5. Quick Heal Total Security(Free and Premium)

This antivirus app gives all features like all other apps but one feature is really useful for parents which is parental control. Yes by using this antivirus app for android you can even control your kids’ activities on your Android Phone/Tablet using it’s parental control feature for free.

Quick Heal Total Security Android

This antivirus app gives you all the features for free but to get full free updates and backup feature you should buy a paid version. This can be useful for those who needs an antivirus app which can solve all the problems.

The paid version is a good choice and yes you can also use the free version but when you will not get updates them how you can protect your phone from viruses and other malicious data.

This is all I have shared some of the best antivirus for android which are free and paid. You can use any of these and check how does these effects your phone data and also scan your data and see if you have installed any harmful app. Using these you can also track your private data and privacy.

Now you may have figured out that why you should use antivirus on your android phone/tablet and about mobile security.  I have given you all details about these antivirus apps for android but if you think then check all these apps and use only the best one which suits your needs.

I will keep updating the list with latest updates and latest antivirus apps having more features according to their scores. I will also include more antivirus apps in this list if I have to.

Now tell me which one of these best antivirus for android you will use and why? Also tell me which antivirus app you are using.


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