9 Best Browsers For Android Phones Compared

Android phones are power packed with everything you need to be connected without world. Most of the Android users use the internet on their phones to surf the latest news and other useful information. But didn’t you get bored with the native android browser? I am asking this because we often use the default apps on phones and didn’t even try to install the third party app which has more features as compared to the default application.

Native browser of android phone is powerful and really useful for basic a internet user. I am not saying that native browser is not useful or powerful. But when it comes to features and smoothness than you have many options. There are many third party browsers for android phones on Google Play Store, but the problem is choosing the best one which meets your requirement and fill your all needs.

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Today I am sharing and comparing 9 best browsers for Android phones. All these browsers have everything  you need to do and all are powerful. Some browsers are powered with special features to fill special needs so it all depends upon you to choose the best browser for android phone. Everything will be known to you and remember that this list is only for Android Phone browsers.

Best Browsers For Android Phones

The default android phone browser is useful for the basic internet user but if want to get more features then you should use an other third party browser according to your needs and requirements. I have listed 9 browsers for android phone which are best and have unique features. Read the list and choose the best browser.

1. Google Chrome

This is the best and one of the fastest browser available for windows by Google. But do you think that this will be the best for Android Phones too? IF yes then you should know that this browser provides many features same like the features available on the windows version. You can even sync your data using this browser. But the problem is that google chrome does not support some low end Android phones. Means you can’t use this browser if your phone doesn’t meet the requirement. Some problems you may face using this browser are browser crashes during a flash file.

Google Chrome Browser For Android

The UI of Google Chrome on Android is same as on Windows and it comes with the same features and you can also select the features as like you are selecting on Windows Version. The main thing with this one is that it is very fast and you can see the improvement in loading if you are using this browser on your Android phone. This is the best and you can use it according to your needs. The thing I love about this browser is that it offers many great add-ons and its speed. But how did you feel when it crashes.

Download Google Chrome For Android

2. Mozilla Firefox

This is the other great browser. I am sure you must be using this on your Computer along with Google Chrome. This browser comes with many great features and add-ons. In this Android Version of Mozilla Firefox you will see the look of Google Chrome. But it also gives you extra features like saving PDF files, Advanced Tab Management and easy to navigate from mobile to desktop version. Everything about google chrome and Mozilla Firefox is great and awesome but you may feel differently between browsing speed and other tab features.

Mozilla Firefox Browser For Android

It offers extra privacy options, awesome bar to search everything is speed, sync between mobile and desktop version etc. I have to say that if you are using Mozilla Firefox on your computer then you should use it on your Android phone also if it meets the requirement of your phone.

Download Firefox For Android

3. Opera Browser

Opera is the most used browser on Phones. 1-2 Years ago most of the internet users using phone to browse the internet have installed opera on their phones. The reason is that it offers many great features and is very useful for phone. It was one of the most used browsers on phones and yet still it is. You can install this browser which supports Java versions. Now you can also use this on your computer and on your Android powered phone to get the best phone browser features.

Opera Browser For Android

You can get most of your available data because opera browser is very useful and the fastest browser. There are many other versions of opera browser you can install any according to your needs. All the versions have same features. So you don’t need to worry about this.

Download Opera For Android Phone

4. UC Browser

This is also the best browser available for all phones which supports java. Now you can also use this browser on your Android phone and get the best feature of mobile browser. It is very powerful and the fastest browser because this browser compress the data so that you can browse faster and get the information. This browser has many great features to enjoy the web experience.

UC Browser For Android

UC Browser offers many features like UI enhancements to customize the overall look, Watch Offline to watch the video offline, you can take screenshot of any web page an use the customized themes and wallpapers. There are many versions of this one also so that you can download the best according to your needs and requirement.

Download UC Browser For Anroid Phone

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5. Dolphin Browser

Another great browser for phones. This is also one of the most used browsers on phones having great features and UI. You can use this on android phone to feel the awesome look and features. This browser offers many extra and powerful features which you will not get on any other browser.

Dolphin Browser For Android

The feature like Customization, sharing, voice and gesture control, Synch data between devices, sharing links between browsers and add-ons makes it more powerful and useful browser. You can get most of this browser by using the add-ons. At the time of writing this browser supports 60+ add-ons which can be used for free. You can also download this browser on your computer and synch the data between these devices.

Download Dolphin Browser For Android

6. SkyFire Bowser

The awesome browser with simple and expensive user interface. You will love this it is downloaded so many times and you can also see the positive reviews for this on Google Play Store. It offers many extensions for popular sites likes Facebook, Yelp, etc. You can even add your own extensions and it also gives you the option to create a new browser extension.

Skyfire Browser For Android

The best feature of this browser is that you can read the content later if you have some work. Means it will save the page for you and you can start reading from the ending point.

Download SkyFire Browser for Android

7. Boat Browser

Another new entry in the Best Browser for Android is Boat Browser which will make you feel awesome while browsing. This browser has many unique features along with simple and clean UI.

Boat Browser For Android

It comes with all the great features which are supported by other browsers and it also gives options for App to SD and Cache to SD. This will save you a lot more space on your phone and your phone will keep running smoothly.

Download Boat Browser For Android

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8. Maxthon Browser

May be you have used this browser on your computer and now you can also use this on your Android phone. You can use this browser on all your devices and it will optimize the browsing experience according to the device. So you don’t need to worry about its compatibility. It is a cloud based browser so you can search anything that you have in your browser from one device to another.

Maxthon Browser For Android Phones

It comes with many great features, some of them are not available in other browser, so you can try this browser to experience the cloud based browser and make your data easy to access from all browsers.

Download Maxthon For Android

9. Puffin Web Browser Free

The name may sound a bit interesting but this browser is worth sharing and yes it has also some unique features which will make your browsing experience more comfortable. This browser supports Download to cloud with 10MB of Limit, add-ons, Javascript etc.

Puffin Free Browser For Android

You can also experience virtual Gamepad and trackpad using this browser. You can try this browser to try something new and full of features. This comes with paid and Free version. The paid version supports Flash but the free version supports flash for a limited time only.

Download Puffin Browser For Android

Last Words

These are the 9 Best browsers for android which are selected according to their unique features and UI. All the browsers are free to download and use. You can try these browsers to experience something new and unique. But if you are regularly using the internet on your Android Phone than you have to use only one more two browsers. Using a lot of browsers create problems and consume Internet data.

There are many more browsers some of them are free and some of them are paid, but I have listed the best ones which are popular and used by many users. It depends on you which browser you are using and which browser will suite you from this list.

Which Browser you are using on your Android Phone and Why? And tell me Which one is the best and useful from this List?



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