How To Get Verified On Twitter – Easy Method

There are many new social media sites and Twitter is one of them. It is old, simple and very simplified to interact with your followers in just 40 characters. But it has its own effect, many well known personalities use this site and they update their followers with latest update daily and sometimes even hourly. The main reason

Blur Extension For Chrome – Ultimate Solution For Privacy

You  are browsing the internet to get some information and using social media sites to connect with your friends. It is good until you see the ads about the stuff which you were searching about. You see the ads on other sites and also on social media sites. This happens because they have collected the data

5 Useful But Less Used Features Of Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best tools to manage your stuff online and access that from anywhere from any device. It lets you store work files and other useful data on in the cloud. You can access and edit most of the files like Excel, PDF, Word and similar files on the go. But,

Get Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 For Free

Your computer is not safe until you install the antivirus software in your computer. But the problem is not solved just by installing any Antivirus software. To protect your  computer from new threats and viruses you need to install the best one which can be trusted and can protect your computer from many types of

Top 5 Android App Managers To Manage Apps

Wondershare Mobile Go  assist you  in easily managing all your files,  apps and much more. It is very easy to  transfer all your files  and media easily. Whether you want to manage your  mobile files  or SD card it can easily be done with this amazing software Wondershare MobileGo for Android.  List Of Top 5

Best Free Online Photo Editing Tools

Photo editing is one of the creative work which can be done using some of the best photo editing tools. One of the best photo editing tools for this purpose is Adobe Photoshop. There are many versions of this software which you can use according to your needs and requirement. These tools require installation on your

Automate More Tasks With These 5 Best Alternatives To IFTTT

As you know the Internet is the vast source of information. You can find any useful info to read or anything that you are looking for. Aside from this, it is also a time waster. If you don’t organize your work  then the chances are more that you are wasting your time by visiting the

How To Use Windows 8 Transformation Pack For XP

Do you want to change the overall look of Windows Xp with Windows 8? Windows 8 transformation pack for Xp can do this and you don’t even need to upgrade your PC for this. Just install the transformation pack and make your desired changes. This way you will give a new and fresh look to Windows

Best Sites To Store PDF Files For Free

PDF files are very useful to read books with rich fonts, style and images. It stands for Portable Document Format means you can keep all of the useful content in one file and read that using any PDF reader. The PDF file may be some MB’s or larger in size, so it may not be

How To Easily Disable Hibernation In Windows 8

Windows 8 is a very powerful OS launched by Microsoft. You can install any app to do your work. The main feature of Windows 8 is that it works perfectly for Touch Devices. But with a lot features it occupies a lot of system space and take more time to boot. Some of the features are useful